Tous les chats sont gris

April 29th ‘Tous les chats sont gris’ will hit the theatres, a Belgian movie with music from Madensuyu and… Little Trouble Kids. Check out the trailer!

Thank you!

This has been a fantastic year for us. We’ve released our third album, received tons of positive reviews, had some very inspiring collaborations, and played a lot of unforgettable shows in small or big venues and during a wonderful festival season…

Thanks for the support everybody – you’re the reason we can conclude, and say: 2014 was a success!

2015 will bring new plans and projects. But in the meantime we’re going under the radar for an undisclosed period. To keep you warm: enjoy this acoustic version of ‘Haunted Hearts’, recorded in the Captain’s Lounge at Pukkelpop, one of our many personal highlights!

Update: concerts

We’re only playing a select number of shows in 2014.
For a full overview, check out our Calendar!
Just added: a new show at Gouvernement (


Ceci n’est pas un disque

On November 29th 2013… a horrible traffic accident robbed 22 year old sparkling multi-talented Florent of his life. Abruptly ending his band Kabul Golf Club as well.

1238988_10202078323954696_1978782614048843114_n On November 29th 2014, one year after Florent’s passing, his former band mates will present ‘Ceci n’est pas un disque’, a limited vinyl release with reworked KGC-songs by friends. Our small and humble contribution is a LTK-version of ‘Bits of Freedom’. Other bands on the compilation are The Sore Losers, Polaroid Fiction The K., Raketkanon, Piquet, The Rott Childs, Rise and Fall.

Join us at “Ceci n’est pas un concert” on Saturday November 29th at the Muziekodroom, Hasselt, for a loving yet earsplitting commemoration of our friend. Special guests will be joined by the likes of Drums Are For Parades, The K., Piquet, Polaroid Fiction, Raketkanon and Rott Childs.

100 early bird parcels (LP + ticket) available at

Release en France!

‘Haunted Hearts’ est maintenant disponible en France.

Review et airplay sûr ‘Voix de garage Grenoble’: ‘Les 10 chansons tiennent énormément en haleine et fixe l’attention de l’auditeur.’

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