LTK is going underground for a while…

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Little trouble kids… for kids







Van 24 tot 28 augustus brengen we ons afvalinstrumentarium mee naar het Warandepark tijdens ‘Boterhammen in het park’. Met alle kinderen maken we samen het grootste afvalorkest van Brussel. Doel = buitengewone klanken onderzoeken en ontdekken. En bovenal: experimenteren!

Jawel, LTK goes kinderanimatie!

Meer info hier!

noise cabaret!

We have been very busy building instruments and composing songs.








Time to shed some light on our plans: TALES OF THE LOST AND FOUND is going to be a grotesque noise cabaret about Gent-Dampoort. Alice in Wonderland meets Hunter S. Thompson. For the creation of our new collection of recycled instruments we have been working together with Karel de Backer, David Demeyere (who will both join us on stage) and Christopher Lonneville.

Show time is coming closer: 15th of May, 21u. Heilig Hartplein Ghent!



tales of the lost and found

We proudly present a new Little Trouble Kids-project:
TALES OF THE LOST AND FOUND’ = an auditory and ecological exploration of the Dampoort-neighbourhood (Ghent, Belgium).

1For the next two months, we will roam the streets of the Dampoort.

Looking for trash, looking for stories.
They will become our new instruments, and our new songs.




When? Friday, 15th of May.
Say what? New songs, new (garbage) instruments.
Where? An abandoned building at the Dampoort.

Follow our treasure hunt at the project blog!